ZG gating systems

For use with lost foam casting and traditional sand casting


The demands made on foundries have steadily increased over the years, especially in the field of hand mould casting for medium to larger castings with complex geometries. The cost structures of this process are in dire need of an overhaul. Gating systems are integral parts of the moulds and are designed with the help of simulation software. Compared to conventional ceramic systems, the new ZG product range offers a number of significant advantages for foundries:

  • Easy assembly of the gating systems with simple push-fit connections
  • No need to glue the individual elements together
  • Size of individual components can be quickly adjusted, hardly any dust exposure, wet cutting not necessary for shortening elements, no cooling water required
  • Reduced risk of breakage
  • Minimal contamination of the moulding sand after demoulding, no need to sieve out ceramic particles before reusing the moulding sand
  • Lighter gating system makes it easier to support longer connections

ZG gating systems are made from a composite material based on cellulose and are mainly used in lost foam casting and traditional sand mould casting applications.

The product range includes straight pipe sections as well as 90° elbows and T pieces. The maximum service temperature is 1400°C with a pouring time of 60 seconds and a maximum casting weight of 5000 kg.