Ceramic filters - best value and quality

Shengquan is one of the world’s largest filter producer. The company has been manufacturing ceramic foam filters for over 15 years on one of the industry’s largest production lines at the Jinan plant in China. The extensive automation systems employed there guarantee consistently high quality. Continuous process optimisation ensures the premium value of these products that are used in foundries around the world. The material used in our SQ filters is continuously adapted to global standards in cooperation with customers.

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Use of different filters

  • Zirconium Oxide Filter (FCF-1Z)
    – for steel casting
  • Carbon-Filter (FCF-1S)
    – for steel casting
  • Silicone Carbide Filters (FCF-2)
    – for iron casting
  • Aluminium Oxide Filters (FCF-3)
    – for aluminium casting
    – for primary and secondary aluminium applications
  • Aluminium Oxide Filter Plates (FCF-4)
    – Mainly for purification of molten primary and secondary aluminium
  • Aluminium Light Filters (FCF-5)
    – for aluminium casting
  • Pressed Ceramic Carbon Round hole Filter (CHF-1S)
    – for steel and iron casting
  • Pressed Ceramic Round hole Filter (CHF-2)
    – for iron, copper and aluminium alloys

ALU Filter

Aluminium Oxide Filters (FCF-3)

Silicone Carbide Filters (FCF-2)

Zirkon Filter

Zirconium Oxide Filter (FCF-1Z)

Aluminium light filters (FCF-5)

Carbon (FCF-1S-10)

Round hole filters (CHF-2)

SQ filters: Overview of benefits