Phenolic resins for refractory products

Refractory products are indispensable for the operation of industrial high-temperature facilities, e.g. in iron and steel production, non-ferrous metallurgy, the chemical industry, the energy sector and others.

The product range manufactured by SQ Group and distributed by SQ Germany is accordingly diverse:

  • PF 40/4100 series: Phenolic resins in powder form for producing solid refractory blocks and profiles, e.g. from aluminium/magnesium-carbon compounds. Also available as polyester-modified grades.
  • PF 53/5400 series: Thermosetting phenolic resins for general applications in the field of refractory products but also special types e.g. for producing clay plugs to seal blast furnace tap holes or for isostatic processes for producing moulded parts and blocks from refractory materials.  und Blöcken aus feuerfesten Stoffen
  • PF42/5200 series for producing magnesium dolomite blocks
  • PF 5300 series of particularly environmentally friendly phenolic resins
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