Many foundries producing hand formed medium to large iron castings are faced with the challenge to optimize the fl ow of molten metal and to avoid turbulences in complicated mould designs. Often by support of simulation programs, gating systems will be part of the construction.

ZG Gating Systems tubes consist on a cellulose based composite material and are mainly used in lost foam casting, full mould casting and traditional sand casting.
The product range comprises straight tubes, elbow tubes and tee joints. The maximum temperature for the use of the ZG Gating System is are limited to 1400 °C with a maximum flow rate of 5000 kg and a maximum pouring time of 60 seconds.

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Compared with the conventional ceramic gating systems, the new ZG-series from Shengquan provides significant advantages for foundries:

  • Easy assembly of gating systems by push-to-fi t connections
  • No gluing of components required
  • Worker-friendly cutting-to-size of components (low dust formation), no wet cutting/drying required
  • Lower breakage risk
  • Almost no sand contamination by ceramic fragments during shakeout after casting, no removal required in sand reclaim process
  • Less need for tube support systems which have to be collected after shake-out