Furan resins

Ideal for producing moulds and cores for high-quality grey cast iron, ductile iron and cast steel. Their low free formaldehyde content makes them more environmentally compatibility and improves working conditions. The fast reaction of the binder accelerates production and increases productivity.

Smaller additions of binder and hardener reduce gas formation, produce a smooth surface and improve economic efficiency. FRN-100 is a low-nitrogen, phenol-free resin with low levels of free formaldehyde.

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Hardeners for furan resins

SQ Deutschland off ers two ranges of hardener for FRN Furan Resins:

  • The SAC-series is produced in China and provides excellent relation between performance and cost eff ectiveness.
  • The EUH-series is produced in Europe and shows slightly lower free acid vlaves.
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Phenols for the shell moulding process

In the shell moulding process, a mineral, usually quartz sand, is coated with novolac resin as a binder typically with hexamethylenetetramine used as a hardener. Release agents, e.g. sodium stearates, are added to improve flow and prevent sand agglomeration.

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