Silicon Carbide (SiC)

Silicon Carbide (SiC) is used in foundries as a donor of necessary alloying elements like silicon and carbon to achieve their desired contents in the melt. Compared with conventional matallurgical products like FeSi or petroleum coke, Silicon Carbide transfers significantly lower contaminations with aluminum, nitrogen or hydrogen into the iron melt.

By the addition of silicon carbide during early stages of the melting a nucleation process of the iron will be activated and SiC acts as a preconditioning agent. This results in a high quality cast iron with excellent mechanical properties.

Application Fields:

  • Nodular cast iron (GJS): For production of valve fittings, agricutural machinery, engineering machinery, suspension systems (automotive) etc.
  • Vermicular cast iron (GJV): For production of engine cylinder blocks and cylinder heads, hydraulic valve bodies etc.
  • Grey cast Iron (GJL): For the production break discs, machine tools etc.
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